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Carpet Cleaning Experts

The Painting & carpet Cleaning Experts

Our painting and carpet cleaning business can look back on many years of experience and many successfully completed projects. Building lasting relationships and satisfied customers are our motivation to perform our work with reliability, integrity and trustworthiness.

Our highly trained and versatile team of professionals puts quality and reputation first. We have been serving the Athens area for over 20 years. We can handle any job big or small from repainting an office to whole carpet cleaning for office building. We have worked on all kinds of commercial and residential projects from hotels to shopping centers and apartment buildings. We are fully insured painting and carpet cleaning experts. We are members of The Painting and Decorating Contractors of America.

Mission & Values

To the community: To give back by donating our time or resources to the betterment of our community. To buy local and support businesses that do the same.
To the public: To preserve a safe hospitable work environment while respecting those we come in contact with.
To our customers: To use proven quality products to achieve the highest quality finished product and at a reasonable cost.
To our employees: To maintain a safe working environment, to offer opportunities for personal satisfaction, advancement, equitable compensation and incentives for personal and financial growth.
To our suppliers: To give all suppliers equal access and consideration of their goods and services based upon service, quality, and cost.
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